Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Horse of Course!

My latest creation is this fun, free-spirited horse! I'm going to say he's a Thoroughbred Stallion, although I have no idea and I'm honestly just going off of Google images. I've created this beauty for a small charity type silent auction. A group of friends are getting together to fund raise for a fellow horse rider who recently suffered an accident with one of her horses. This fun event will have a band and lots of items for auction. I was happy to contribute, as I always love inspiration for a new softie design. While making this one I've also started another horse (a Leopard Appaloosa) and a pretty rainbow unicorn (since the design is basically the same).
If you are in Southwestern Ontario and are interested in this event it will be taking place this Friday night (the 19th) at 8pm at E.J.'s Restaurant and Tavern in Baden.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Rosalie & Susannah

I'd love to introduce you all to Rosalie and Susannah. Sisters, flower girls and all around awesome kids! I made these matching dolls back in the summer for a beautiful wedding that happened in September. The dolls were a gift to the real Rosalie and Susannah for being flower girls in their Aunt Julie's wedding. For the dolls I used a mix of new fabric as well as hand-me-down fabric passed down to me from Julie's Grandmother Ellen. Ellen was a wonderful woman who taught me how to quilt at church quilting (I learned a ton of stuff from her)! I really wanted to make these dolls extra special for the girls and I think the old fabric was the perfect touch. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Charlotte the White and Peach Kitten

Meet Charlotte, she runs a cat spa! She loves doing manicures and pedicures to make all the little kitten claws scratch-post-worthy. She also loves to do highlights to freshen up tabby stripes!
You can find her in my Etsy Shop here

Monday, February 8, 2016

I've Been Published Again!!!

I've been featured in Stuffed Magazine again and I'm beyond excited!!! This February, three of my softies are in the spring edition. You may remember my post in August about being published in Stuffed (a Stampington & Company publication). It was a wonderful experience but it also was really overwhelming. It took awhile for it all to sink in and for me to accept I was now a published artist. Don't get me wrong it was incredible! This next issue has been as exciting and the awesomeness of it all hasn't been lost on me. I am very impressed with my fellow softie designers as well! Not only is the artwork diverse and unique but it is also incredibly inspiring. Stuffed has enriched my outlook as a creator and I look forward to coming up with new designs to submit in the future.

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Sweet Little Custom Family

Meet the Huisjen Scott Family! This little collection is a custom order I finished before Christmas. I was notified of their arrival to the families' matriarch with a beautiful note. She said she was absolutely giggling by the time she unwrapped the dogs! Which of course made me giggle as well. 

The family, which you can see in these photo's, consists of mom, dad, son and daughter. Not to be excluded though are the family pets; an Australian Kelpie and a Brindle Pug. 

Their son is big into gaming. I made him a tiny little x-box controller out of Sculpey that I painted. He is a casual guy with a  beard and a little thinning hair on top (hehe!)

Their daughter loves a good summer dress. She's a bit fancy and is the proud owner of that adorable pug. 

Mom of the family is a minister. I gave her a teeny tiny bible I purchased at Michaels in the miniatures section. Her dog is the Australian Kelpie with eyes that are half brown and half blue!

Last but not least, Dad! He is a car guy and is often found tinkering around in the garage. I found the little tool set and tool box at Michaels. Much like his son, he is a casual guy. He sports greying facial hair and also has the signature thinning hair on top. 

Just to reiterate, I LOVE custom orders of real people or pets. Its a challenge to replicate the personality through softie form but its always fun. It makes for such memorable projects for me. Please be in touch if you have a special request or an idea for me. I'd love to hear it!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Introducing Parlour Soirée

Today I want to introduce you to the lovely Parlour Soirée! A beautiful shop that is my latest retailer. Parlour Soirée is located in quaint Conestogo, Ontario. Creative Designer Amanda offers a fabulous little life-event shop. It features floral, decor and gift products that celebrates life's occasions and holidays. The shop displays mostly custom made, handmade, eco-conscious and locally sourced items. What I offer in the shop will be ever changing and expanding but here is what I currently have in store: